Lohagard Trek

Long time no see.

I needed motivation to write, and finally I got one. My typing has become slow and words don’t flow as they used to. They feel like some guest long left unattended. 

Days in Mumbai are different, very different than those in Dehradun. It doesn’t rain here, it pours, quite literally. The rush is unimaginable. And the lack of space, whether it is in the double sharing rooms that we stay in or the houses that we see around, is shocking. It was a huge shift of lifestyle. From Dehradun where the terrace had views of the beautiful mountains and horizons, to Mumbai where terraces don’t even exist, neither do horizons. Well, I have heard how romantic monsoon here is, and how the city grows on you with time. And I seriously hope they are true. I want to like this place, since I have to spend a long time here. Slowly and steadily, I am hopeful, that this city would open up to me.

The friends get together planned in Pune finally happened, and the biggest joy is that I could attend it. I was so excited that Friday when I sat through the beautiful two hours journey in Mumbai-Pune highway in my pre-booked carpool. I was anxious as I was travelling Pune by road for the first time. And the relief when I finally saw my besties and hugged them tight and had yummilicious egg curry while watching Tumbaad. What a movie it was! I was totally engrossed in it as the married couple put up taunting and cat fights and tu tu mein mein’s in the background. They are hilarious. And the excitement of meeting college friends the next day, and going for the trek, first time ever!! 

Lohagard trek. Now when I sit down to think about the adjectives to describe it, I come across many. For one, it was unforgettable. For the first time in life, I did something close to trekking and the apps showed we covered five kilometers that day- five kilometers of uneven terrain, though conventional trekkers would find it a piece of cake, but for me it was something huge. Adventurous. A chance to check my limits of physical activity and stamina. Lol! I loved the wind, that strong wind through my hair, and the drizzle at times. The clouds too. My friends were my savior, in the true sense. Motivating me in every step. Dealing effortlessly with my scares and insecurities, and guiding me through the trek. I enjoyed it. I loved the experience. A memory for lifetime.

Sunday body pain almost killed us !! Lol! The breakfast queen prepared us cheese omelet, bread toast, cut peach and pear, all served with ‘herby potato and fennel’.  Wow. She is really something. And in between we kept popping in chocolate pieces from Ooty, chocolate dipped dates and almonds from Mapro, and sipping kadak chai once.
And the awesome weekend came to an end.


  1. Sure, your writings have become less frequent these days but they still sound fresh and fluidic as earlier it used to be!


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