Are You Flowing With The Tide? #MondayMusings

We fit ourselves in the new shoe. The feet adjust to contain themselves within its boundary through the pain of shoe bites in the first wear. Else, the shoe changes its shape according to our feet.

In a new surrounding, is it us who become attuned to the team, the workings of the group, the fraternity. Is it us who adjust our own frequency to match that of the people around us, or is it vice versa? Does the group get accustomed to us? Or is it both ways, each trying to match the others’ thought process, deciding factors, opinions, and views until all eventually fit in the same mould. Is this the science of belonging?

We attune our lives according to the natural frequency of our surroundings. Then we adjust to change. If we protest or fight against change- the workings of our peripheries- it hurts us.

We, humans, are similar to the musical instrument that needs tuning depending on who is playing it, for which type of music.

Do we make the patterns or do we fit into patterns ourselves? So do we get into the rhythm of things? Does rhythm permeate our lives or do we permeate ourselves into the rhythm of the surroundings? We struggle and strife when disconnected with our own natural rhythm, strive to find that balance in our lives, to realign our environment. There’s agitation, dissatisfaction, and chaos inside our mind.

Are we all trying to be in sync with our surroundings and get into our groove? Going with the tide is better. We are more present or mindful to what’s happening around us while staying calmer and relatively detached. We’re also less inclined to be triggered emotionally. Resisting the tide can be tough. But won’t flowing with the tide do us more harm than good? It would ensure we survive, but can we really live, in the real sense of the word?

Questions I ponder on a Monday morning. #MondayMusings


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