In Silence

words unspoken

Sitting in silence, watching the crowd pass

Sensitive and intuitive in my own space

Thought to be a wallflower in the corner

I’m just an over thinking observer.

I witness the run, the sprints, the overtakes

And the stampedes in the rat race

I see the joy of success, the pain of failure

I see moments lost in the loud murmur.

I feel the yearning for a revive and a rewind

Against the fear of being left behind.

Empathizing the weak and the strong

I understand-The past glory doesn’t last long.

In the sidelines, the footpaths of life

 I have crossed travelers aplenty-

Inspiring entities, lifelong friends,

I’ve met pathfinders and lost wanderers.

But alone once again, life feels stranded

So, standing in silence, I wait for the inevitable end.

P.S: This poem is based on a prompt. :) 


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