Follow your dreams

Lucky are those who have their hobby as their profession. They live satisfactory and happy lives, without a single moment of boredom or stress. Work for them would never be drudgery. They wouldn't have to slog through each day; rather each day would be bliss.

Oh how I wish I could read novels from around the world, watch movies from around the world- one every day and review them with a critical eye. I wish someone would teach me poetry and the epics from around the world, and languages and the nuances of culture from every nook and corner. I wish to learn a new skill, or art every month and a new language every year. Only if this figment of imagination came true- life would be a fairy tale. Just sitting in the library a few hours, just gazing at the books even without reading them, would fill my day with delight.

Every edition of Graphitti (the supplementary magazine with the telegraph every Sunday) has a success story of people who followed their dreams and passion. Tea sommeliers, comic book collectors, standalone comedians, art illustrators, and those few urban potters who love the cauldron of mud, clay and colors, have all successfully built their empire from scratch. From a meager hobby they have successfully climbed the ladder to making it a famous sprawling business. One can draw inspiration from their zeal.

One should never leave one’s passion for anything in the world- even if his profession is different from his passion. In life it’s important to be happy. If your job just brings you money, not the contentment and happiness you expect, feel free to follow your heart. It’s never too late to mend. Just ample positivity and optimism can do wonders to a mundane life. 


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