Jack of all trades...?

People tend to look down upon those who are a jack of all trades and a master of none. Even parents stress upon their children to excel in the one field that they choose. They say hobbies are ok but the one thing that should drive your future should be the one that you excel in. But my heart yearns to learn almost everything that I come across, be it a great photography or a painting or an awesome novel.

For example, whenever I read about someone’s pottery experience, that they have described very vividly, I want to feel that experience. The way they are surrounded with colors, tools for pottery, pots, bowls of different shapes, brushes, and grind natural objects for colors; the way the wet clay on their hands fills them with life; and the way they feel the thrill of creating something new and artful from sheer mud—I really want to feel so, at least once in a lifetime. I want to do pottery. (One of the members of F4 in ‘Boys over Flowers’ did pottery and sold his masterpieces at the auctions, and taught others the art too)

Again when I read a designer’s autobiographic article or watch his life, I imbibe all his detailed experiences- the satisfaction he gets from designing, selecting material, planning, cutting, stitching and giving the last finishing touches- I want to experience all of this. I too want to be surrounded by clothe pieces of different colors and hues, nets, laces, fabric, thread, scissors, sewing machines, buttons and feathers, etc at least just once. (‘Paradise Kiss’ was on this, and if interior designing was considered then its ‘Personal Taste’ that made me love it.)

I read about chefs and their ventures, lives and successes. I watch Master chef India, and get a view of the passion those people have for cooking; their love for flavors, textures, tastes and colors- different facets of cooking. They love everything about cooking, starting from chopping to serving. They call it their passion for the art. Their creation and innovation is the result of talent as well as being a true lover of the art. I too want to feel this love for cooking, the love for spices and flavors. And I want to taste every world’s culture through their plates. (Coffee Prince- loved how they used to make different types of coffee...yumm!)

I really don’t know if this is my urge to live a hundred lives at once, or my passion towards knowing all about what pleases me- being a jack of all trades.


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