Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine

Completed reading ‘Avow’ yesterday. The last book in the Archers of Avalon series. Best series this year-2012. Well, my 2010 best favorite was the Twilight series, then 2011 fav.was Divergent. Now 2012 fav is Chelsea Fine’s Archers of Avalon series. Loved it, really!! How can all the three books in the series be so equally good!! Got to know that it’s going to be made into a television series.O.M.G.O.M.G!!!Can’t, so eager to watch Tristan and Scarlet on screen. I really loved all the characters- Gabriel, Nate (Nathaniel Fletcher) and Heather was also equally lovable, though the main focus was on Scarlet and Tristan- our very own Scar and her Hunter.

Loved the comic relief brought by Nate and Heather. Their dialogues were so good; you would want to laugh your stomach out and blush at the same time. The way Nate warned Tristan and Scarlet to keep a ten meter distance between each other so that they don’t accidentally trip over and fall on each other- awkward- you can’t help but laugh at their embarrassments. And then there’s Heather. Her dialogues are just hilarious. She’s really a cute n crazy character, a fashion freak, an coffee addict and one who describes love as a feeling when you would want to kiss and kill the person at the same time. Wow. What a description! Can’t stop laughing. And as she browses through Scarlet’s wardrobe every morning to choose her dress for the day, so that she does not wear anything drab and boring, as her choice usually is, makes Heather lovable. And how she drags Scarlet out of her bed, out into the world when she’s in her depression mode- love Heather. Waiting for the upcoming hilarious spin off novella by Chelsea Fine about Gabriel n Heather’s trip to New York.

There’s a thing about angry young men that I really don’t understand. Audience or readers get drawn to their characters. They are dark characters, mysterious, foreboding yet very appealing. There’s something hidden, or secret about them that we, the audience want to know more and more. (AB,Four in Divergent, ASR) Tristan at the beginning is such a character. And as your curiosity increases, and you read the book, you come across layer by layer revelations. And your heart goes out to the guy, who lived through centuries loving this one person and 9waiting with patience and perseverance) trying in vain hundreds of times to kill himself so that she could live a normal life. It’s a heart wrenching life story of Tristan. You would cry for them and with all your heart wish their lives to be a little merciful. And the joy is bountiful when the last book ends- they live happily everafter. And the last lines of the last book really satisfies  your heart.

Tristan leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Is it okay if I love you forever?
Even if forever is only for a lifetime?”
She turned in his arms and smiled up at him. “Only if it’s okay that I love you
He smiled. “Deal.”

And who wouldn’t love scarlet- such a unique character created by Chelsea Fine. Feminine yet fiery who does not like to dress like a Barbie doll, as Heather wants her to (all pinky pinks) or wear a corset and dress ladylike as Gabriel wants her to. A free spirited girl, who loves bows n arrows, loves to hunt, brave yet vulnerable at times- she’s Tristan’s Scar, the huntress; and the thief who not only stole his deer and his weapons but also stole his heart away.


My Last Trip Before Lockdown

When Covid19 had just put its foot in the country with only 3 cases in Kerala, we had our Ooty trip planned. All tickets and bookings were done since the new year. With just three days in hand, four of us travelled from Mumbai, Pune and Bhubaneswar, to Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, to join a few others staying in the city. And the excitement to finally meet one another after 6 months of that trip to Pune, the Lohagard Trek- we were kids excitedly clicking selfies in our face masks, hurriedly putting a quick dab of sanitizer before hugging one another.

Next day early morning we were to start for Ooty. Sleepy heads, gulping a bowl each of muesli, we started onward journey to Bandipur National Park. Devouring uttapams, dosas and piping hot cups of coffee for breakfast at a restaurant by the highway, chit chats were full on, as was the music and dance in the 12-seater vehicle. Funny anecdotes had us laughing our hearts out, gossips were such a thrill and cooking recipe exch…

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