Book review: Wake unto me by Lisa Cach

Now, this is a book that lets you escape into the 16th century, from the present 2011 in France—Chateau de la Fortune, which is situated at the edge of a cliff and a river flows artistically around it. The backdrop presents the lush greenlands, farms, rustic landscapes, villages and mysterious forests along with many other beautiful natural scenic views. But for me the castle itself was the best part of it. The medieval castle that gave you a grand royal feel the moment you entered; the antique pieces and the archaic architecture that brought the past to the present….the big, enormous halls, and doorways with double locks…the stone stairways, the carpets, the fireplace, the great grand library…would make you feel so regal…so kinglike..I just love this setting!!!

Caitlyn is a character you can easily identify with. A girl with dreams and wishes. Though she’s today’s girl, she is not interested in modern lifestyle. She wants to escape into the past; somehow escape into history. She loves places with rich history and legends…castles, nature in its rustic form…great architecture, etc…
“A thing of beauty is joy forever.”—John Keats.
“A thing of past is beauty forever.”—Pratikshya Mishra.
Caitlyn, like any girl, loves her family, friends…but also wants a life of her own- unique, and different. She loves to paint. She paints her dreams. She loves the paintings in the castle- Bianca in Madam Snowe’s room, a Picasso on her roommate Princess Amalia’s wall…

The plot is planned with intricate details(that would let the readers guess –solve-the mystery). There’s an element of suspense and mystery from the very beginning. Caitlyn’s vivid dreams that she tries to capture in her dream journal….confusing dreams…and the confusion greater than that- which is real? The dream world or this world where she wakes up every morning? Which is the imaginated world? Everything feels so real to her..And has she inherited any of her mother’s powerful extraordinary qualities? How could she get a full scholarship to such a coveted institution despite her low grades? What is Madam Snowe’s real intention? Who is Rachael? Is he a ghost? Who is the Woman in Black? All these questions would cloud your mind and grip you till the end of the story. The sequence of events and incidences would offer you ample chance to make calculated guesses. And that’s the essence of reading this novel.
The supernatural elements too are appealing. Tarot card reading, foretelling of the future, time travelling , and other ghostly experiences arouse interest and awe.
In the concluding part, when all the questions are answered, all the mysteries solved; you just can’t stop praising the author. It will just blow your mind off. You would think, rethink, and re-rethink all of it over and over again. And at last, like me, you would eagerly await for the next novel in the series-“Foxfire”.
So, here I remain, awaiting for “Foxfire”, that would be out for the readers next summer….. JJJ


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