I walk through the forest line
Into the darkness, leaving back the sunshine
Breaking a stick or two, under the feet of mine
I gingerly walk through the forest line.

I see a bush here, a bush there
Then cautiously walk, never to step into a snare
Shivering from head to toe
I fear the attack of an animal or a foe.

I turn back to see the daylight
But oh no! It’s out of sight
Left are only the colossal, thick, dense trees
Hiding even the sky and obstructing the cool breeze.

I head towards the forest’s end
Knowing not, how much time I’ve to spend
Regretting my foolish thought of adventure
And meanwhile fearing a dreadful future.

I hear a squeak, a screech, a croak and a howl
And say,” Oh! Now not even a growl.”
Then I run as fast as I can
Jumping over huddles, whether a bush or bran.

Then the golden rays of the sun was in sight
“Hurrah, I have found the light.”
Running, jumping, as if in a race
Finally I got out of The Forest of Darkness.

To my great surprise, I saw
Many orchard trees arranged in a row;
Roses, tulips, daffodils, all in a flowerbed
Also green grass covered with leaves that the tree has shed.

Wild bees hum around the bee hive
One leaves when the other, with honey does arrive
Indeed very busy are they
Who collect so much honey each day.

I see a cuckoo, a thrush, and a robin
All sing pleasant songs; seem happy & fine
A monarch butterfly then does pass my eyes
I follow it, ignoring the birds’ cries.
But I hear a loud sound”Tring Tring”
It’s my alarm clock that does ring
I switch it off after a while
“just a dream,” I then say with a smile.

By Pratikshya Mishra


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