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There is a certain allure to a foreign land, a foreign culture, a different language, unchartered territories and a promise of romantic adventure. The latest offering from Netflix ‘Emily in Paris’ gives us all of these and more. It is all of 10 episodes of 25 or so minutes each, and is worth a binge-watch. It’s about a social media content strategist, Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, who moves to Paris from Chicago to work for a marketing firm, a big career opportunity, dreaming of a wonderful life. It’s about her adventures both in career and romantic front, as she learns French, making hilarious mistakes and feeding her Instagram with all-things-Paris.

We watch the beauty of Paris in its culture of life-first-work-second, all things luxurious- from fashion to perfume to wine, the spiraling staircase of a hundred-year old building where Emily stays, the ornate architecture, the old-world charm mingling effortlessly with the new, the elaborate office dinners, the picturesque waterways and the romantic setting. Who wouldn’t want such a rose-tinted life! But we also watch Emily win over her colleagues, slowly and steadily, with time and effort, who weren’t happy with her American intrusion in their work culture. We see her make some good noise in the Paris Fashion world, deal with a break-up, make new friends, have some adventures, and her own share of dalliances in the world’s most romantic city.

I personally loved how she learned the language, and captured all the beauty through clicks and captions and Insta lives. It represents current times – the digital life. And since we can’t travel to anywhere considering the situation, it gave some much needed virtual travel therapy. I am so hungry for more though. And moreover, it is fun and breezy. Oh, and I’m so craving that French breakfast, and especially a croissant.

Croissants (All image Source: Unsplash)

Do suggest some movies or sitcoms where the protagonist explores a new city, with an interesting storyline. Thanks in advance.

Emily Cooper

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  1. Wow. Sounds like an interesting watch. Loved the detailed analysis. It piqued my interest. Will definitely watch it.

  2. This sounds interesting. Will keep it on my watch list.
    Ruchi Nasa
    https ://

  3. I love such shows and Can't wait to watch it. Maybe not binge watch with 2 kids!!

  4. I was thinking of watching it too. I have to check this out.

    1. Yes, it's light hearted fun. You'll like it..

  5. This looks like a very interesting watch. I'm so intrigued to hop on to it. Thanks for a detailed review on this.

  6. I am always fascinated by Paris and a whole series on it is definitely good to know. I will add it to my list of series this weekend

  7. This show is on my must-watch list. Your review makes me want to watch it tonight. :) #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

  8. Same here loved watching the entire series. Can't wait for season 2 to come..she has beautifully captured the city, people, culture and emotions

  9. I loved watching Emily in Paris too. Such a fantastic series. So much to learn from her too. A gogetter, ever smiling in adversities too.

  10. I have just started watching this one and your post does full justice to it. Such a delightful read!

  11. This series definitely brings the best part of Paris. It is exactly a like a virtual trip through Paris. The beauty of Seine, the charm of the streets, the elegance of the architecture and almost everything can be experienced from this series. Though I'm not sure about the story line.

    If you want a travel movie suggestion, check out 'One Week' where the protagonist travels through Canada. Though I don't think its on Netflix.

  12. Been hearing a lot of positive reviews I sure hope to binge this weekend. #tmmreads

  13. I absolutely loved watching Emily in Paris and I can't wait for the next episodes in the series. It gave me strong 'Devil wears Prada' vibes but it is refreshingly different too. Great post on it!

  14. I watched the first episode yesterday and loved it.
    Try watching Virgin River where the protagonist escapes from her city life. It is slow, not a comedy but I swift through it.

  15. Manisha - This one is on my to watch list and now your review compels me to watch this soon.

  16. I have watched too & loved it. Virtual Paris tour & Parisian life.

    Waiting for season 2


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