Water Baby - Missing the Beach

I love water bodies. Sea, rivers, waterfalls, lakes- they attract me in. I dread them too. I like feeling the breeze in my hair, the salty taste of the air in my mouth, listening to the rhythm of water rushing in its course. I love them from a distance. I would promptly put my feet in it and sit for hours rather than go in and explore. The beach will always be my healing ground. My calmness. My rejuvenation.

The hills are beautiful and mysterious too, but not in the winters. The cold weather and the snow spoils my mood. Almost depresses me. So melancholic. I cannot enjoy snowfall, a sad realization. Low temperatures mess with my mind and emotions. I terribly miss home. Feel wretched. Not my kind of a season. 

I miss the times with friends, Sagarika and I had been to Vizag to visit Vineela and the time we spent in RK beach. So peaceful. Here too the river that flows through Tapkeshwar Temple is so clear and strong in rainy season. Water surely changes something fundamental, like changing the bodily constituents. It does have immense effect on my psyche. Well, Cancerians are water signs of the zodiac. Water is the element affects us the most. It's true.

I haven't been to Robbers' Cave, but I hear it is filled with water too. Kempty Falls was quite a walk down the steps, but oh so peaceful. I so long to visit Rishikesh too. The color of the waters of the Ganges is so beautiful. So green and so ethereal. I can get the peaceful vibes of the ghat from here, in Dehradun. I so much want to spend the entire sunset and evening time just sitting on the ghat, watching the natural scenery, observing people, talking to my loved ones. I want this experience, dear Universe. The night view is amazing, I have heard. And the Ganga Aarti there and in Haridwar. And an early morning walk in Rishikesh too. No, I don't want adventure sports, river rafting, etc. I just want to experience that spiritual connect. Overwhelm. Goosebumps. And transcendence.

Hopefully, some day.


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