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New beginnings are tough. You suck at things a lot initially. It takes patience, persistence, and faith to keep going. During this phase, all you need is reassurances, inspiration, and motivation. Daily doses of them. This book ‘Small Servings Of Wellness’ by Vaishali Gandhi has been that daily dose of motivation for me when life is humbling me down and crossroads challenge me out of my comfort zone.
After having left the hectic yet comfortable IT job after two years of joining, and starting preparations for competitive exams again was a tough change. And leading a life of a student, career aspirant yet again after two years is intimidating too. Every day when I attend the coaching classes I feel left behind by those fresh out of college, who grasp the concepts much faster than I am able to do. It is indeed humble beginning. A start from scratch. Level 1 yet again. But then, the faith that I gained from all around me, led me to practice it all step by step each day, and I can say, that at the end of the day I go to bed peacefully, with a small sense of achievement. A journey has begun with that single step, there’s a long way ahead. But reading this book, one chapter at a time, one small take away thought at a time, and one quote for each day, I have gained an immense sense of faith, belief, and confidence.
Thankful that at least I do have a concrete goal in front of me, in which I can invest myself daily. Thankful that at least I have a mountain to climb. Thankful for all the testing times now, and ahead, that will help me unleash my real potential. Come whatever may, at least I wouldn’t regret not having tried a 100%.

Quotes by Oprah Winfrey, Rumi and those on Zen way of life are my favorite. I came to know about so many motivational speakers, authors, about meditation, yoga, a healthy and spiritual way of living. This would be the compilation I would go back to in times of chaotic mind, conflict, and turmoil. 


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