Twice Upon A Time

I love Pakistani tales, the Urdu glossary in between. I just tend to fall for the words, repeatedly. And if it’s an Indireads book, double bonus. What can possibly be better than lounge with one of these books on a lazy Sunday? ‘Twice Upon A Time’ has two novellas- ‘Sunshine’ by Jazz Singh and ‘Yours Truly’ by Zeenat Mahal.

Zeenat Mahal deals really well with the subtleties of human emotions and sentiments. In just a few lines she creates the image of the deepest feelings of a character, bringing out the vulnerabilities in them. She lets the reader see the core of these characters and hook for them. She has a way with words which is rare to have. She creates simple and believable plots.

The plots are my favorite- set in Pakistan. She portrays the culture and custom of the society well. I loved Zoey and Sheru- such a deep, moving story of love and belonging. We see how miscommunication can spoil any relationship, however strong it might be. It is like a fairy tale with dreams, aspirations, love, trouble in the perfect world, but with a happily ever after.

I had loved ‘The Haveli’, ‘The Contract’, ‘The Accidental Fiancee’ and I love this novella too- ‘Yours truly’.

Jazz Singh’s ‘Sunshine’ was awesome too. This was the first work by the author that I read, and I’m already a fan. I loved the character Aanya who is such an optimist even though she’s an orphan and is so troubled for a job. She’s bubbly, full of life, full of gratitude for whatever meager life has to offer. I liked Gaurav Bhatia too- the knight in suits who was hooked to Aanya’s contagious laughter and lively spirit. I loved Ira too- the cupid in the tale.

Looking forward to read more of Jazz Singh’s works.


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