About Pratikshya

An engineer by education, Pratikshya is an ex-IT professional, who now is preparing for competitive exams in the weekdays and is an aspiring writer by the weekend. She’s an avid blogger. She passionately blogs on various books, Korean Dramas, movies, fiction, occasional verses and other abstruse musings.

Reading feeds her soul; travel and music, her preferred mode of therapy; spirituality, a daily pursuit; and experimenting with food, a favorite pastime. You can find her sharing her latest inspirations, travel updates, and artsy creations on Instagram. 

Her writing ventures can be read here: Jodhpur Diaries.

You can reach her at: Instagram
Twitter Handle: @pratikshyam.

Pratikshya's Guest Posts:

For the Korean Drama fan in her:

1. Faith- A Korean Period Drama
2. Heirs
3. School

For the bibliophile in her:

1. Love, That Shit! by Chandru Bhojwani
2. Love Across Borders

3. The White Tiger
4. Ex.. A Twisted Lovestory by Novoneel Chakraborty

For the poet in her:

1. Once upon a Dream

Other articles:

1. Why Our Parents Don't Allow Us To Pursue Our Passion?

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