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Pratikshya is a self-confessed dreamer who loves the world of fiction more than the real world. She is currently working in a software company as a web developer after graduation. A passionate blogger, she juggles her time coding, meeting deadlines; reading novels; watching Korean sitcoms and learning new skills to satisfy her curiosity every now and then. She's been published in various webzines, leading movie review blogs in the country. She is currently working on her first full-fledged manuscript 'The Jodhpur Diaries', the first few chapters of which can be found here.

Pratikshya's Guest Posts:

For the Korean Drama fan in her:

1. Faith- A Korean Period Drama
2. Heirs
3. School

For the bibliophile in her:

1. Love, That Shit! by Chandru Bhojwani
2. Love Across Borders

3. The White Tiger
4. Ex.. A Twisted Lovestory by Novoneel Chakraborty

For the poet in her:

1. Once upon a Dream

Other articles:

1. Why Our Parents Don't Allow Us To Pursue Our Passion?

Meet Samikshya Mishra aka Cherry. Sister. Co-blogger here.
Read some of her writings here:

1. A Tale Across Time
2. The Passers-by Of My Life

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