Valentine’s Week Gift: A gift I'd give myself #ChatterPrompts

In my early years of schooling, I lived with my grandparents. My father was posted in a quaint little hilly village famous for mining, which had no schools in the vicinity. His was a transferable job, and in those days he used to get calls for a transfer every few months, which made it difficult to have me in tow. It was during these years, that I grew addicted to stories.

Grandma would spin a new story for every occasion- while getting me ready for school, making me eat balls of rice and veggies, and making me sleep. And Grandpa would fill in during the rest of the times, after coming from the office. He would open his ‘gapa pudia’ (a pocketful of stories) while Grandma was busy kneading the dough, cooking or doing other household chores. I slowly and steadily grew familiar with Panchatantra, Jataka Tales, and the folktales of Odisha.

After about three years I shifted in with my parents, as my father was transferred to a town with a good convent school in it. My parents, on the cont…

A Book I Loved #ChatterPrompts

Memoirs are trending these days. They are the talk of the town. People are raving about them, readers and non-readers alike. Celebrities are opening up about their long-held secrets, private lives and struggle stories through their memoirs. And fans are able to get an exclusive access to their minds and tap on to the emotions that make them the person that they are. The story of their lives offers motivation and inspiration to anyone in need of it. Memoirs have become one of the most popular and sought-after genres today.
I had picked up the Kindle version of ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ by Karan Johar, sometime last year. It is a bare-it-all, an intensely emotional piece of work, with one key ingredient that Johar does the best, that is great storytelling. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s a good book for those who like his work, his films and like reading about the Bollywood. It’s not a work of great art or literature for that matter, so don’t pick this up if you are looking for one. It…

The Handmaiden

When I watched the trailer of ‘The Handmaiden’, I had a picture of who is innocent, who is being tricked and the suspicious hints in the storyline. But what I found in the first half of the movie, was totally different from the impression that the trailer had had. A Korean girl from a con artists’ household travels to a rich Japanese home to play Miss Hideko’s personal maid, Tamako, with the mission of making her fall for The Count- another acquaintance who wants to get her inheritance for himself by marrying her. Things go out of the plan when Tamako feels for her missus- pity, love and remorse for the innocent being that she was and wants to prevent The Count from taking advantage of her and hurting her in the process of acquiring her treasures. Tamako herself is in dilemma, as she wants riches to fulfill her own dreams, but wants Hideko to be safe from their ploy.

Lady Hideko is delicately beautiful. She was raised as a virtual prisoner by her uncle, the book collector who wanted to…

Inked Thoughts

After a day of fun or annoyance or dejection or just mere boredom, writing is the only getaway for a girl who has an abundance of thoughts and feelings, too overwhelming to keep them in and too personal to say them aloud. To such a girl, not being able to write is a nightmare and not wanting to write, a living hell. And in the midst of it all, the medium of writing is a dilemma difficult to overcome.
While I find the idea of writing on a blank sheet of paper with a fluid pen, regal and tempting, there is a comfort in the keyboard of my laptop or the keypad of my smart phone. Though the sight of a person bent over a paper, holding a pen in his hand, engrossed in deep thoughts evokes a certain charm and fascination, when I sit down to try and create a masterpiece, I become aware of the triviality of the words I write, the sentences I present and the ideas they portray. When I do resolve to write a good readable piece in my diary, I end up with only a page full of cuts and scratches and…

The Only Language We Need To Learn

The Need Of a Language
The human society communicates through a language specific to that region, state or community. The language we speak is as much a part of our identity as our name is. What would we have done without a medium to communicate? The world would have been a chaos resulting from miscommunication. All thanks to those who created languages- the ones to assigned meaning to sounds and symbols, formed words and created grammar. We owe them our entire vocabulary. But still, there’s havoc here and there. Spoken words aren’t enough. What are we missing?
The Language Of Animals
Have you ever studied the animals, the birds, the butterflies? What is the language that they communicate in? It’s incomprehensible, right? Just a few gestures and sounds- wagging the tail or fluttering of the feathers along with a bit of coo-ing and moo-ing and the message is understood. It is indeed amazing how they understand one another’s fear, grief, pain, happiness, excitement, and so many more emot…

We would never be enough

I wish i was a comma, and things wouldn't have to end so suddenly, says the Fullstop.

I wish i was a fullstop, at least i won't have to wait forever, keep it hanging, without a closure, says the comma.

when eyes do the talking ...

you wonder why I don't look at you

because i know, once my eyes are locked with yours, I can't look away

because i know, I'll fall deeper into the warmth of your smile...

because i know, it'll become a habit- missing you, searching for you in the crowd and looking out for you...

because i know, it's beautiful- the way your eyes delve into mine- like searching my soul, for finding at least a figment of my true feelings that i have tucked away safely...

because i know, what seems now like curiosity, or interest, will grow deeper and deeper into my very being

because I know, I'll become vulnerable, and love would easily seep in.