Lootera : A film to remember....

Speaking little and expressing volumes- Ranvir singh’s acting was commendable- loved his character, that shy smile, the clean shaved innocent face and the tough rebellious look, the false pretence of knowing painting and then getting caught by Paakhi (Sonakshi), the love, regret, and love again.  Even sonakshi’s eyes conveyed volumes; that endearing look of pure innocence, and the feeling of being irrevocably in love, the loss, the longing and the memories and the missing- every frame in which she was there was beautiful...the tender feelings were very palpable. I loved their acting.

Loved the story- touched!! Loved the love, the tears, the peepings and glances, the smiles, the laughters, the stares, the cares... This movie will remain with me longer than any other that I watched this year... cried at the sheer beauty of the story and the way it was portrayed. The last leaf- really good portrayal of the short story...

Though i don't really like Ranvir's voice, here i thought, his voice was the best suited one.

My favorite scenes: the first meeting of Paakhi and Varun Babu (during the accident and in their ‘haveli’) and their first conversation- so sweet- she would greet him from behind and say him not to turn back and very cutely say that the person who caused the accident was the driver (while both clearly knew that it was her) - and he would smile and say ‘ji’. The painting class scenes, the ‘sawaar loon’ song scenes, and Paakhi’s confession scene- each one was so beautiful- (“So agonizingly beautiful”-Telegraph) and the very last scene- the final, the ‘last leaf’ scene- lovvveddd it!!!

Characterization- the little bad guy with weakness and vulnerabilities.


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