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After all What's in a Name????

Shakespeare had said “what’s in a name?” A name is a person’s identity- a measure of who he is?! How can a name describe one’s personality or nature, or so to say –foretell his future? Name cannot be that powerful. Nor can it be that vague…being called by one’s name, being referred to by one’s own name is a mark of being respected, regarded.. One’s name is one’s pride. But does it also bring good luck? Film stars and other celebrities have been seen to have changed their names to fair well in their lives. Some examples are Mahima Choudhry, Tia Bajpai, etc. who knows- may be it’s true… Nowadays names such as “violet”, “green”,”lime” and all other colour names are a hit. Name of months are also a hit-“may”,”april” “june”, “july” cool!!- so they are remarked..
And my sister would search the net for new catchy names for her characters in a new story, like parents searching a good name for their newborn. And mind you, she wouldnt take your indian name's suggestions; only foreign …

The spell

...Here he comesFormally dressedA violin in the handAnd with a smile on the face.
Seats himself, as he does;Amidst the loud applauses—People cheer him upHe hears smiles but replies not.
As the show beginsThe violin is playedSpirits are lifted, solacedAnd silence abides the place.
Tunes, played one by oneA note comes after the otherThree hours pass thusBut the enchanted lot knows it not.
Hypnotized, as if they wereLost in a deep trance,Listened to the soulful musicPeacefully; by the time that passed.
He stopped at the end,Woke up from his seatBowed his headBut no claps heard.
The unknown magic Had killed them all.                                            --Ruchi Mishra